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Each child is unique and grows at his or her own rate. Children grow physically taller and stronger. They grow intellectually, developing math, language and scientific discovery skills. Children also grow socially and emotionally.

Social and emotional skills include dealing effectively with everyday ups and downs, sharing, taking turns and getting along with others, managing and expressing emotions appropriately and controlling impulses, among others.

The teachers at Imagination Station are well-trained and work hard every day to teach these fundamental skills to all the children in their care. When a child has difficulty mastering these personal and social skills, he or she is gently guided to positive ways of coping and interacting. But sometimes, the child’s difficulty interferes with his learning or the learning of his classmates.

At Imagination Station, we are fortunate to have a mental health consultant who is available for teachers and families when a child needs more support in developing his social and emotional skills. Mental Health Consultation is available for your child upon request at no cost to you. In Mental Health Consultation:

  1. The Parents and Staff determine the need. The Parent signs a consent form and the Consultant is contacted. The Consultant contacts the Parents and arranges a time to meet with the Parents and Staff.
  2. At the first meeting, the Parents, Staff and Consultant discuss their concerns and the needs and strengths of the child.
  3. Then, the Consultant observes the child in a variety of situations (structured vs. unstructured time; group vs. individual activities, etc.)
  4. Parents and Staff complete behavior rating forms.
  5. The Consultant uses data from the ratings and observations to inform consultation planning.
  6. Parents, Staff and Consultant meet again to develop a plan for addressing the social, emotional and behavioral needs of the child. The plan includes goals, objectives and strategies to meet those objectives.
  7. Parents, Staff and Consultant meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to monitor progress, modify the plan and explore additional strategies.

Typically, just a few meetings will be sufficient to attain lasting gains. Occasionally, a child’s behavior challenges may need more intensive intervention. The Consultant can provide resources the families may seek for further intervention.

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